About ZeligStudio


We are a multidisciplinary design studio working in branding, design and visual communication. We develop global projects for TV, film, events, print and web, which are all design-driven. Our work stands out as a result of the scrutiny involved in discovering the precise identity traits which make each brand singular, unique and versatile.

Our expertise in broadcast design and motion graphics in the communications sector enables us to tackle any project from a perspective specially tailored to suit each project. On an ever-increasing basis, the combination between creativity and technology requires a multi-disciplined team capable of creating solutions adapted to all media.

We achieve initial project goals through innovative solutions based in design, animation, shooting, audio and experimenting with a range of graphic languages.

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Our team is comprised of a group of professionals from the areas of design, animation, production and direction which enables us to take on projects representing major creative and technological challenges and deliver the best results in quality and consistency. We adopt a more "home-made" approach when dealing with smaller projects, combining techniques and experimenting with several languages.

Creative and executive director: Ana Zelich

We are grateful for the collaboration of all those professionals who dedicate their energy and ideas to our projects.

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