Ana Zelich

Ana Zelich

Ana Zelich, co-founder of zeligstudio in conjunction with Mediapro (2001), is the creative director of the studio. Her career has developed parallel to the evolution of animation and graphic design applied to images in movement.

With an education and professional focus closely linked to graphic design, she has completed numerous motion graphics projects in diverse fields of audiovisual production, specializing in television branding in all its' various stages:

Art director at Animatic, the first company in our country dedicated to image synthesis, pioneer in 3D animation and motion graphics.

Co-founder of Zoptic studio, specializing in design and film direction for television. Zoptic introduced the integration of diverse techniques for graphic animation such as real image, creating multidisciplinary visual projects.

As art director of Canal +, she directs the creativity and production of the thematic identifications of the channel. In this project it involves several visual artists betting on a more experimental image and rehearsing new audiovisual languages.

Since 2013, she has been focusing her work on branding and is responsible for defining the artistic criteria behind every project Mediapro Exhibitions has undertaken since joining the team, combining this with the direction of the corporate image for companies within the Group and TV channels. She has taught and lectured in different universities and design schools and since 2016 is a member of the Elisava Design and Engineering School Board of Trustees.

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