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Client: Vinizius Young & Rubicam Year: 2010

TV Spots Campaign / Proposals. The Vinizius Y&R television campaign proposal for the launch and branding of a new bank in Catalonia was previous to the naming process. Over the course of various spots, entirely created in motion graphics, different proposals were presented concerning the service improvements that the new bank entity would be offering to their clients. The “ACTUEM” slogan, ("we take action"), reinforces the concept of “YOU” and is achieved with multiple characters designed in the shape of an arrow which allow them to take action in different situations.

We created the mock-up for each spot by animating the arrow characters and the typographies, providing each with a friendly personality. Through a minimum of gesticulation, the maximum amount of character registers was achieved for each one of the figures.

Creative Director: Manu Díez
Art Director: Jordi Almuni

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