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Client: Imasblue Year: 2011

Branding. Imasblue is a post-production company providing services for the advertising, cinema and television industries with offices in Madrid and Barcelona, which also integrates design for broadcast and motion graphics.

The ident image has its basis in a brand design that establishes different typographical formations which identify with one single logo, based on a uniform and architectural typography. This varied composition in the morphology of the brand suggests different ways of reading it while still recognizing its uniqueness. The changing shape suggests to us the idea of movement, composition, experimentation and evolution. The versatility of the brand enables for building a corporate identity with a broad-ranging graphic system. In the varying applications (stationery, signage, promotional materials, packaging and the website), the logo is integrated into photographic elements from the environment in which the company operates and its activities. 

The corporate color palette combines the blue which illustrates the “BLUE” concept of the brand, with the white and grey as complementary.


Creative direction: Ana Zelich

Graphic design: Mireia Pons

Production: Fabiana Andreatta

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