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Client: Groupe Jean-Claude Darmon Year: 2001

Branding. SPORTFIVE is the leading company in Europe in international sports rights marketing, property of the French media giant, Lagardère Unlimited, since 2006. SPORTFIVE was set up in 2001 when the European Commission gave its approval to the merger between the sports rights marketing activities of Jean-Claude Darmon, Sport+, RTL Group and Deportes UFA. 

The company is focused on becoming the principal content and service provider to the sports industry on a global scale. SPORTFIVE markets sports rights as well as activities regarding marketing and sponsorship for the leading brands in the world by way of a media network and marketing agencies.

The branding commission was based around the proposed naming with the objective of creating a unique brand focusing on the name. We created a brand symbol as a “stamp” where a visual play is established in the form and background between the “S” and the “5”, for application in different media: in plain color for print applications and as a “window” or mask on a backdrop for screen images (television, web).


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